Chris Carder is an Atlanta based photographer and good time seeker.  He does his best to create imagery that provokes a sense of nostalgia for classic visual storytelling.  Chris' awareness of light and raw beauty creates a style of his own that is reticent and individual; often drawing on the memory of stillness and the romance of experience.  His early personal work focused on portraiture and documentation, frequently photographing his family and friends, while also embracing his appreciation and gratitude for the outdoors.  This approach has evolved into an aesthetic of authenticity; which he has transferred to reflect in his editorial and commercial projects.

When not taking photographs, Chris can be found climbing rocks in the Southern Appalachians, spending time with his son or building retaining walls around his newly built studio garage (but that’s another story).  

Chris Carder received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from E.G. Welch School of Art and Design at GSU in 2006.  He has been chasing his passion for making images ever since.